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Danone30 December 2018. Aviation Ornithology Group of the Two Wings Company started on the II Sectoral Conference "Birds and Flights of Aviation". The second conference (the first one was held in 2017) is planned for March 2019 in Mytischi, Moscow area. Special attention will be drawn to the issues of birdstrike data gathering and registration and investigation of birds involving incidents.

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Danone15 June 2018. The Two Wing Company recieved a gratitude letter from the Danone Company commemorating the 10th anniversary of colaboration in the field of protection from birds negative impact.

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strigino29 May 2018. In the framework of preparation for the FIFA World Cup new model of the bioacoustic unit Universal-Acoustic AERO-2C was delivered to the International Airport of Nizhny Novgorod. Airports of 8 of 11 Russian cities hosting football games are equipped with Universal-Acoustic bioacoustic devices: Domodedovo (Moscow), Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Pulkovo (St.-Petersbourgh), Kurumoch (Samara), Strigino (Nizhny Novgorod), Koltsovo (Ekaterinburgh), Khrabrovo (Kaliningrad). The delivery and commissioning of the unit was followed by a visit of the Head of the Aviation Ornithology Group S.K. Ryzhov. The Head of the AOG, the Head of the Strigino Airport Field Service R.V. Ryzbchuk and the Strigino Airport ornithological provision engineer M.A. Garbuzova additionally discussed the issue of preparation and conduct of the questionnaire on the ornithological provision of Russian airports in 2018.

favt25 May 2018. On the initiative of the Aviation Ornithology Group the first Meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Ornithological Provision was organized to discuss the development of flight safety activities of the sector. The agenda was:
- preparation and conduct of a questionnaire among Civil Aviation organizations on ornithological provision in 2018 in accordance with the Resolution of the Birds and Flights of Aviation Conference (item 4, 2017);
- decision on the issue of permanently operating training course for the ornithological provision specialists in accordance with the Resolution of the Birds and Flights of Aviation Conference (item 7, 2017);
- introduction of digital format of registration, gathering, storage and processing of the birdstrike data on the air transport. Members of The Interdepartmental Working Group were representatives from Flights Safety Inspection Department and Airport Operation Department of Federal Air Transport Agency, Aeroflot Airlines, Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Russian Academy of Sciences (Laboratory of Ecology and Birds Behavior Control) and Aviation Ornithology Group of the Two Wings Company.

birdstrike14 April 2018. In the history of Russian Civil Aviation the IL-14 catastrophy of 10 December 1969 had the most severe consequances. The plane was on flight Tbilisi - Makhachkala - Astrakhan. After a take off in the direction of the sea from the Makhachkala Airport the Pilot in command reported to the traffic controller and this was the last communication session. On 11 December 1969 the aircraft was found in the Caspian Sea at the depth of 10 meters and 3,5 km away from the coastline (8 km from the airport of departure). When the aircratf was lifted from the sea, parts of a bird's skull were found in the left engine and remnants of wings and numerous feathers in the pieces of the cabin insulation. The investigating commission concluded that IL-14 aircraft stroke with a flock of migrating birds. The birdstrike resulted in emergency situtaion at the height of 350-400 m: left engine was damaged, cabin ruined, pilots disabled. At 18:33 the aircraft hit the water. All 5 members of the crew and 11 or 12 passangers aboard died. Information on that incident was published by a weekly newspaper Argumenty i Fakty (www.aif.ru) and prooved by the data of analytic report of State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, prepared in 1975 and not labeled secret.

favt12 April 2018. The Department of Flights Safety Inspection of Federal State Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) issued Flight Safety Information Lletter № 6. The document shows evidence of steady increase of number of bisrdstrikes over the past decade in exact and relative (considering number of aircrafts flights) terms. The special emphasis was made on the necessity to improve birdstrike data gathering procedure on the Russian Federation Air Transport.

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orap28-29 March 2018. The 26th Scientific and Practical Conference of the Society of Independant Investigators of Aviation Accidents was held in Khimky, Moscow area, intitled "Aviation Accidents Investigation and Prevention". In the framework of the event the head of the AOG presented a report on the investigaton of accidents, caused by aircraft birdstrikes.

Program…(in Russian)

birdstrike AERO-M05 March 2018. The software update for the Universal-Acoustic AERO-M unit is accomplished by the Two Wings specialists. To install the update please follow the instructions of the user's manual supplied with your unit.

Russia birdstrike
February 2018. The popular birdscaring unit AERO-1C in the line of technical devices Universal-Acoustic designed especially for aerodromes, is now out of production. It was available since 2008 to 2017 and as a new stage in the development of Universal-Acoustic project it was replaced in 2018 by a new model and successor AERO-2C also designed for aerodrome ground fields.

Russia birdstrike
February 2018. According to Rosaviatsia, 1029 cases of birdstrikes are registered for Russian air transport in 2017. During the year the number of voluntary reports across the coutry has increased by 31,2 %, from 701 cases in 2016 to 290 cases in 2017. This, in the opinion of the AOG, is partly related to the ongoing process of formation of a new system of data gathering based on voluntary reports. The number of incidents has also increased by 29,8 %, from 84 cases in 2016 to 109 cases in 2017, which shows the practical growth of the number of strikes. In addition to the above 23 more cases without consequences and 9 incidents involving other wildelife (not birds) were also registered in 2017.

The strike rate of Russian aircrafts

birdstrike AOG 28 December 2017. The Aviation Ornithology Group received congratulations from the Flights Safety Inspection Department of Rosaviatsia with the upcoming holidays and its 50th Anniversary of research in the field of aircrafts birdstrikes prevention, celebrated this year.

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birdstrike India 11-13 December 2017. The first regional Birds/Wildlife Strikes Prevention Conference was held in Visakhapatnam, India. The Meeting was prepared under the auspices of World Birdstrike Association (WBA). The Conference became a kick-off meeting of the WBA South Asian Regional department and was opened by Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju, the Honorable Aviation Minister of India.

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Russia birdstrike 10 July 2017. Federal law № 135 of 01.07.2017 introduced amendments into the Article 47 of the Air Code of Russian Federation. In accordance with the Article 1 (p.3) of the new Federal law the ban to place objects and sites attracting birds on the near-aerodrome terriroty is restored to the Air Code. The ban is valid up to the sixth subzone. The regulations of the establishment of the near-aerodrome territory and its devision into subzones, each with special limitations of estates and activities, are stated in the article 1 (p.4) of the Federal law, approved by the government of Russian Federation.

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iac birdstrike 23-24 March 2017. The Interstate Aviation Committee hosted the Incidents Investigation Conference at its headquarters in Moscow, organized with special support from the Airbus Corporation. The Conference was participated by 160 aviation specialists from countries-members of the Interstate Agreement on Aviation and Use of the Airspace (Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan, Russian Federation). The Russian Federation was represented by the majority of interregional offices of Rosaviatsia, Rostransnadzor specialists and leading airlines. As part of the event, the head of the AOG - S.K. Ryzhov - presented a report on the investigation of birdstrikes cases. According to the Official IAC website: http://mak-iac.org/press-tsentr/arkhiv-za-2017-god/116096/#gallery.

Thesis: Some Features of Investigation of Incidents Involving Birds (in Russian).

icao birdstrike 16-18 March 2017. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Airports Council International (ACI) held the Wildlife Strike Hazard Reduction Symposium. This is the first meeting of international character and hosted by ICAO at its headquarters in Montreal. The Symposium was aimed at expanding of the distribution of information on the birdstrike problem, sharing newest experience, estimation of the role of National Birdstrike Committees, minimizing the damage to the wildlife, improving the strike information gathering procedure, etc. Russian Federation at the meeting was presented by I.A. Nelga from the Aeroflot Airlines. According to the Official ICAO website: http://www.icao.int/Meetings/wildlife/Pages/default.aspx.

Symposium Program and Schedule

Russia birdstrike
03 March 2017. The Birds and Flights of Aviation Sectoral Conference devoted to 50th Anniversary of research done in the field of birdstrikes prevention by specialists of Aviation Ornithology Group in Russian civil aviation was held in Mytischi (Moscow, Russia). The Conference gave ground for discussion of actual questions of birds and wildlife strikes prevention and was attended by 50 specialists from Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Croatia, representing 37 aviation organisations. The result of the Conference is the Resolution, accepted by all the participants, which includes a list of most acute issues of the subject. The Conference was organised and hosted by the Aviation Ornithology Group with special support of Flights Safety Inspection Department of Federal Air Transport Agency of Ministry of Transportation of Russian Federation.
It was sponsored by the Universal-Acoustic Trademark, presenting bioacoustic equipment, developed and manufactured in Russia.

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Russia birdstrike
22 February 2017. Colleagues from Laboratory of Ecology and Birds Behavior Control of Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Russian Academy of Sciences has congratulated its partner – the Aviation Ornithology Group – with its 50th anniversary of fruitful work on birdstrikes prevention.

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Russia birdstrike January 2017. The specialists of the AOG are preparing the Birds and Flights of Aviation Sectoral Conference with participation of Flight Safety Inspection Body of Russian Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) of Russian Ministry of Transportation. The Sectoral Conference is organized for birdstrike specialists from airports and airlines, specialists of territorial bodies of the Air transport authorities of Russian Federation and other CIS countries. The plans for the Conference in March are to consider actual questions of ornithological provision of flight safety and prepare a proposal on the development of sectoral regultory framework of birdstrike prevention.
The Conference is devoted to 50th Anniversary of research done in the field of birdstrikes prevention by specialists of Aviation Ornithology Group (AOG).

 Russia birdstrike January 2017. The Russian Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) placed a link to the Aviation Ornithology Group on its official website. It can be found in the section dedicated to birds and wildlife strikes with aircrafts.

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 Russia birdstrike 20 January 2017. According to data, published by Rosaviatsia on its website, 779 cases of birdstrikes were registered in 2016, that is 88,6% more than last year (413 cases in 2015). The number of incidents involving birds however is reduced by 4,7%: 81 incidents in 2016 against 85 incidents in 2015. Additionally 100 cases of strikes with other animal species were registered in 2016, 59 of which were classified as incidents, while the rest didn’t lead to any consequences.

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 Russia birdstrike January 2017. In 2017 the Aviation Ornithology Group celebrates its 50th Anniversary of research of aircrafts birdstrikes prevention, carried out by specialists of the AOG as a part of The State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation – State Centre of Aviation Flights Safety – The Two Wings Company.

Russia 31 December 2016. The Two Wings Company and the Aviation Ornithology Group congratulate their colleagues, partners and members with the New Year and wish you all wellbeing and success in 2017!

WBA birdstrike 18 December 2016. The WBA Confenerence was held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on 5-9 December 2016. Sudden change of location (the conference was first planned in Muscat, Oman) was a real challenge for the organizers, but the meeting was a success – 124 participants from 31 countries from all over the world, more than 40 reports presented. The Conference also became the ground for further negotiations on the Global Action Plan on the birdstrike problem in the world aviation and signing of Memoranda of Understanding with Birdlife International and IFALPA.

24 November 2016. The Two Wings Company received an appreciation letter from the Pet.Rus Company, a manufacturer of preforms for food grade plastic bottles, for successful completion of measures aimed to remove birds from the storage area.

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tyumen 11-12 October 2016. Extended meeting of Methodical Flight Council of Rosaviatsia (Russian Air Transport Agency) on civil aviation flight safety was held in Tyumen to review current issues of preparation of civil aviation institutions to work in autumn-winter period of 2016 - 2017. The meeting, organized by Rosaviatsia with assistance of its Interregional Territorial Department, UtAir Airlines and Roschino Airport was attended by representatives of Russian airports, airlines and regional Rosaviatsia departments. In accordance with the program of “Aerodromes” section S.K. Ryzhov, the AOG specialist, reported on contents and quality of ornithological safety provision measures at airports.

WBA birdstrike 11 October 2016. By decision of the WBA Board the place and date of WBA Conference 2016 was changed. The Conference will take place on 5-9 December 2016 in Amsterdam in the conference venue of the Royal Navy with assistance of Ministry of Transport and Military Aviation Authority of The Netherlands.

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Russia birdstrike 23 September 2016. According to Rosaviatsia the number of birdstrikes with Russian aircrafts in January-August 2016 (575 cases) has exceeded the number of strikes for the whole 2015 (413 cases). Wherein the number of incidents for the period from the beginning of January to the end of August both 2015 and 2016 didn’t show any significant change (1,8% decrease): 55 cases in January-August 2015 and 54 cases in January-August 2016. The AOG specialists associate this mainly with normalization of the data submission process and that less cases now pass unrecorded.

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Russia birdstrike 19-22 September 2016. The AOG took part in the meeting of airfield services managerial personnel of Russian Aerospace Forces. The meeting was held at Korenovsk Aerodrome in Krasnodar region. In accordance with the program S.K. Ryzhov reported on application of birdscaring means to reduce hazard to aviation flights.


14 July 2016. The next Birdstrike/Wildlifestrike Prevention Conference is due 05-08 December 2016 in Oman. It will be held by World Birdstrike Association, JAA-TO training (the Netherlands), together with Oman Civil Aviation Authority at the Muscat International Airport.

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Pobeda birdstrike 06 July 2016. Russian news agency TASS published a statement from the general director of the Pobeda Airlines Andrey Kolmykov on the ornithological safety requirements and provisions at Russian airports: “Practically there’s no airport in Russian that would follow the rules. We record a birdstrike within airport area every week. Besides that we suffer losses from idle vessels and repair costs, it poses a big threat to the flight safety”. The Pobeda Airlines has sent official letters with a warning to the airports to Russian Ministry of Transportation and Rosaviatsia. Source: http://tass.ru/en/economy/886727.

birdstrike 29 June 2016. Rosaviatsia admitted in its letter N АН1.02-2302 "Information of Flight Safety № 11" 29.06.2016 that despite the measures taken at airports there is no significant reduction in the number of birdstrikes. In this connection airports were offered to carry out an additional estimation of the effectiveness of their ornithological safety provision measures before 05.07.2016.

birdstrike May 2016. The head of the Aviation Ornithology Group of the Two Wings Company Sergey Ryzhov visited Manas International Airport (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) on a special invitation of its authorities. The aim of the visit was training of the airport personnel responsible for flight safety provision at Manas Osh and Issyk-Kul airports to operate Russian bioacoustic device Universal-Acoustic, delivered to the airports earlier. During the stay new acoustic signals – distress calls of local bird species – were recorded and added to the Universal-Acoustic library.
The AOG is grateful to leading engineer-ornithologist of Manas International Airports A. Kolbayev and commercial director of Information Technologies LLC Svetlana Shonarova for the organization and conduction of the trip.

Photo report here …

birdstrike April 2016. Rosaviatsia prepared a new project of Federal Aviation Rules (FAR) “Rules of exploitation of civil airdromes, seadromes, heliports and landing grounds”. The document now contains new regulations on ornithological safety provision. With the introduction of the new FAR the old “Manual on Ornithological Flight Safety Provision” (РООП ГА-89) will be repealed. Now the project of the new FAR has passed the stage of necessary approvals.
According to AOG the new flight safety regulations in FAR cannot be regarded as apposite as they do not comply with the federal law as well as with ICAO standards and recommendations, modern achievements and developments of flights safety provision in Russia and do not stand on a deliberated methodical basis.

birdstrike 18 September 2015. According to Rosaviatsia 13 cases of aircraft wildlife strikes (excluding birds) during taking offs and landings were registered for the period from 01.01.2005 to 31.08.2015; at the same time there were noted 85 incidents, caused by a threat of a strike with an animal walking in the runway.

birdstrike 18 September 2015. Russian national aviation authority represented by Safety Inspection Office of Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) after a 27-years stop has recommenced registration of mass cases of aircraft bird and wildlife strikes not leading to aircraft damage and not causing any negative consequences to the flight, which are those not classified as incidents or accidents.
Rosaviatsia gives its guarantee that reports on such strikes would be regarded as voluntary reporting not subject to p. 121 of “Rules of development and application of aircraft flight safety management systems, together with collection and analysis of data of danger and risks factors, threatening civil aviation flight safety as well as its storage and sharing” approved by RF Government Decree of 18.11.2014 № 1215. That means that information contained in voluntary reports cannot be grounds for disciplinary, civil or administrative penalties. The data on danger and risk factors will not be used for purposes not related to civil aviation flight safety management.
A special birdstrike Report Form was introduced in Rosaviatsia official letter of 18.09.2015 г. № АН1.02-3056 "Information on Flight Safety № 19". Since 1988 AOG specialists have been drawing attention to the rationale of the necessity to register all birdstrikes including those not considered as incidents or accidents. It took Russian Aviation Authority (structure of the branch management body changed several times) more than 20 years to realize the importance of this question.
The request to register all birdstrikes was newly added into p. 8.25 of Federal Aviation Rules “Preparation and Execution of RF Civil Aviation Flights” (FAR-128, Russian Ministry of Transportation decree of 31.07.2009 №128.
By efforts of AOG specialists, the collection of data on Russian (Soviet) aircrafts birdstrikes is being conducted since 1971, with periodical analysis of data gathered.
In 2007 the AOG specialists made an addition, based on many years’ experience, to the well-known ICAO Report Form to adopt it to modern requirements of ornithological provision in Russian civil aviation. However the results of the OAG work were ignored again. Nowadays the Form needs new methodical additions of data concerning wildlife strikes.

birdstrike 26-27 May 2015. A new model of Russian serial bioacoustic equipment Universal-Acoustic was presented at Domodedovo Airport by specialists of the Two Wings Company (AOG). The event program included a review of bioacoustic equipment and tendencies in its development, demonstration of the new Universal-Acoustic model operation, meeting of flight safety provision specialists from different airports, visit to the Domodedovo airfield to see birdscaring measures taken there and visit to the Bird Park Vorobyi. The participants of the event included representatives from airports: Domodedovo (Moscow), Pulkovo (St.-Petersburg), Rostov-on-Don, Manas (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Minsk (Belarus), Ostafyevo (Moscow area) together with Aeroflot Airlines and Aerproject.
The AOG and the Two Wings Company is grateful to the Domodedovo Airport for assistance in preparation and conduction of the event.

birdstrike 23-28 April 2015. Saratov District Court of Saratov region in accordance with the claims of the Saratov transport prosecutor made an unprecedented decision in the civil case on the prohibition to carry out activities for the disposal of production and consumption waste on land located within a 15-kilometer zone of the Saratov Airport (Central). This decision was made by the court on the basis of an expert opinion prepared by the AOG containing a detailed analysis of the situation. In accordance with the Court decision landfill operations may be continued subject to the implementation of measures of the protection from birds under supervision of AOG specialists. The aim of the measures would be reducing the attractiveness of the area for birds and reducing the presence of birds in the area of the landfill location.

Court decision … (in Russian)

birdstrike March 2015. In compliance with decision of Saratov District Court the AOG prepared an Expert Report relating to the civil case of recognition of illegal waste disposal with its further prohibition. The expert investigation was undertaken due to the danger caused by bird attracted to the MSW near the Saratov Airport zone.

Expert opinion … (in Russian)

Два Крыла
December 2014. Dear friends, let us on behalf of the Two Wings Company congratulate you with the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays and wish you success and well-being and new acquaintances and contacts.

Sheremetyevo birdstrike
12 December 2014. Arbitrary court issued a positive decision, after the process on the Aeroflot Airlines claim against Sheremetyevo International Airport. The claim was initiated by an incident that occurred on 13 September 2012, when an Airbus A-320, board № VQ-BAX, after a take-off at the Sheremetyevo Airport stroke with a bird and was forced to land at the same aerodrome due to increased engine vibration. Damage caused by the strike was classified as an aviation incident and was estimated at 144 000 USD. The bulk of the expanses was compensated by the insurance company. The decision of the court was to recover damages from the Sheremetyevo International Airport in favor of the Aeroflot Airlines in the amount of 50 000 USD (which is the cost of a franchise) in Russian rubles equivalent according to the Central Bank rate on 11.12.2013, together with the expanses on a national duty. Source – The Moscow Area Arbitrary Court homepage: http://kad.arbitr.ru/Card/94ab7e21-694c-45c9-9fb4-07074ad7bed6.

20-24 October 2014. International Birdstrike Conference was held in Mexico, hosted by ICAO NACC, CAR/SAM Bird and Wildlife Hazard Prevention Committee (CARSAMPAF) and WBA. For the first time the meeting had two official languages – English and Spanish – with simultaneous translation of all reports. The Conference gathered 160 specialists from 36 countries, including Russian representative of Aeroflot Airlines.

Croatia birdstrike
15 – 17 October 2014. The 10th Anniversary Conference of the Croatian Coordination and Advisory Birdstrike Committee (Croatian Birdstrike Committee) was held at Tuhejlske Toplice. The participants of the conference were members of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Air, Maritime and Railway Traffic Accident Investigation Agency of Croatia, National Birdstrike Commission (organized by Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development), the Croatia Osiguranje Insurance Company, Zagreb International Airport, Airports of Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar and representatives of other countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia. The Aviation Ornithology Group specialists of the Two Wings Company were also invited to the Conference as special guests.

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04 June 2014. WBA made a decision to change the place of the Bird\Wildlife Strike Conference, which will be held on 20-24 October 2014 in Mexico City. This time the meeting will have an extended format. This year its co-organizers would be regional ICAO representative and local birdstrike committee CARSAMPAF. In this connection there would be two working languages: English and Spanish. The moto of the event is “Working Towards Standards”.

Information letter

March 2014. The Two Wings Company has acquired the certificate of origin for the bioacoustic unit Universal-Acoustic. The certification was necessary in connection with the delivery of the equipment to Manas Airport (Bishkek) and Osh Airport, Kyrgyz Republic.

Certificate of origin for Universal-Acoustic unit

World Birdstrike Association
February, 2014. In the framework of the World Birdstrike Assosiation activities the specialists of the Aviation Ornythology Group prepared the Russian translation of the WBA Constitutional Act and Statues.

- Constitutional Act WBA
- Statutes WBA

Два Крыла

December 2013. The Two Wings Company wishes all our clients, partners and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let the upcoming year bring you success, prosperity and realization of your new plans and ideas!

orap 22 November 2013. Next year on 24-26 September the capital of Japan will host 31st specialized meeting, organized by the initiative of the International Bird Strike Committee/World Birdstrike Association. According to prof. Yasushi Takeda, chairmen of the Japanese Bird Strike Committee, in the framework of the global conference in Tokyo there would be held the first local forum for the specialists from Asian region. The program of the conference is still being discussed.


orap 9-11 September 2013. The first Eurasian theoretical and practical conference "Control Over Numbers of Problematic Biological Species" dedicated to pest-management was held in Moscow. The meeting was organized by the initiative of the editorial board of the Pest-Management scientific magazine. The conference has gathered 150 participants from Russia, USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Brazil, China, Ukraine, Moldova, Republic of Guinea. A special section in the framework of the conference was dedicated to "Protection from Birds and Amphibians", chaired by Sergey Ryzhov.

Conference program...

orap 18 May 2013. An outstanding Russian scientist, professor, PhD in Biology, Valery Ilyichev passed away. Head of the Laboratory of Ecology and Management of Birds Behavior of Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution Problems, Lenin's Komsomol prize winner, he has made a great contribution to the development of birds bioacoustics and bionics, research of birds migrations, development of technical means of birds behavior management and protection of the equipment and raw materials from biodamage.

orap April 2013. Barnaul Court has sustained a claim of the transport public prosecutor to an agricultural company cultivating pea, sunflower and corn near the Barnaul Airport.This message was published on the web-site of the East-Siberian Transport Prosecutor's Office (www.zsproc.ru/news/2370.html). The court's decision coinciding with the position of the airport and branch experts is a precedent for the national practice. The expert's report on this case was prepared by the AOG. It is a certain knowledge that three more cases were to be judged in 2013, all concerning objects, situated near airports and attracting birds creating dangerous environment for flights in the zone of Russian aerodromes.

AOG expert's report (in Russian)...

19-21 March 2013. The Society of Independent Investigation of Aviation Incidents has held the 21st International theoretical and practical conference "Investigation of Aviation Incidents and their Prevention". This was the first case in the life of the Society that there was prepared and presented a report concerning the problem of aircraft birdstrike prevention.


18 January 2013. The Two Wings Company received a positive response about their services from the Russian branch of Kraft Foods Inc. (Mondelēz International), which is one of worlds leaders in foodstuffs production.


January 2013. Concerning the risk posed by birds/wildlife to aircraft, Brazil authorities issued a new special law (Federal Act 12,725) aimed at managing activities of aviation and non-aviation organizations within 20 km around airports. The Act became a precedent in the world's practice of strike prevention.


2012. The Aviation Ornithology Group celebrates its 45th anniversary since the beginning of research in the field of birdstrike prevention in Soviet\Russian civil aviation. The AOG website opened a new page with congratulations from colleagues and partners and the “Civil Aviation” magazine prepared a special publication.
ibsc 17 December 2012. New web-site of the World Birdstrike Association has been released. WBA was formed in 2012 after reorganization of former International Bird Strike Committee (IBSC) achieving new status and structure. The goal of the Association is to improve flight safety taking into account all aspects of birdstrikes prevention, based on international cooperation and communication.


25-26 November 2012. The 2nd Annual FOD, Bird Strike Prevention & Runway Safety Conference was held in Dubai and was aimed at sharing experience how to achieve effective safety standards. 11 speakers from Africa, Asia and Europe made presentations on the topic. Based on info from: www.aviationmiddleeast.com.

Мариничев В.И.
01 August 2012. Local Governance of the Aviation Inspectorate held a conference on the topic "Ornithological flights safety provision conditions and aircraft bird strikes avoidance measures for Moscow and surrounding aerodromes":. The meeting was held at the Sheremetyevo airport due to the significant increace in registered bird strikes rate during the first half of 2012.The head of the Governance V. Marinichev opened the conference with a report on actual questions of the flight safety provision control for civil aviation of the Central Federative District. Participants of the meeting presented Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports alongside with Aeroflot Airlines, "AlfaStrakhovaniye" Insurance Group, Severtsov Institue for Ecology and Evolution, AOG of the State Center of Flight Safety and other organisations connected to the air transportation.


June 2012. After two years of preparation the 4th edition of ICAO Doc 9137 Part 3 was finally published. The new edition has come out under name Wildlife Control and Reduction. Manual is available in English.

25-29 June 2012. The 30th International Bird Strike Committee (IBSC) conference took place in a town called Sola, close to the Stavanger airport, Norway. The meeting gathered together more than 120 specialists from 37 countries, more than 50 reports along with poster presentations were made. The most numerous delegations presented the Netherlands, Norway, UK and USA. After a 12 years long break Russian specialists again took part in the work of the Committee, presenting the AOG and the Two Wings Company.

08 February 2012. Malta International Airport is ordered to pay Air Malta and its insurer 250 000 EUR in damage, after a birdstrike with a flock of starlings. The airport is blamed for not having an adequate system of birdstrikes risk reduction at the aerodrome.
Based on info from: www.timesofmalta.com

January 2012. Weapons used for bird scaring purposes would be returned to the Kurumoch airport (Samara, RF), as decided by thе court of arbitration. Five shotguns were confiscated during the last inspection by the local internal affairs bodies with the following the annulment of the corresponding license.

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