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Aircraft Damages Caused by Birds


Most of the birdstrikes do not lead to any serious consequences and do not cause any significant damage to the aircraft itself. However in a small number of strikes engine or planner parts can be damaged, and in particular cases the strikes become an acute problem with a catastrophy character.

According to the data registered for the civil aviation aircrafts belonging to Russian air companies in 2002-05 the percentage of strikes in regard to different parts of the plane is the following.

One strike can involve up to several dozens of birds, which can cause damage to more than one part of the aircraft.

Engine (Power-Plant) Damages

повреждение двигателя
Damage beyond specifications of 1st stage 6 blades of a low-pressure compressor engine CFM56-3C1 of a В-737 airplane as a result of strike with a pigeon. Unacceptable damage also done to other 4 blades of the compressor.

повреждение двигателя
The impeller blades damage of a PS-90A engine of a TU-204 airplane caused by a bird strike.

повреждение двигателя повреждение двигателя Damage of 1st and 2nd stage blades of a low-pressure compressor engine AI-25 of a Yak-40 airplane after a strike with middle-sized bird of prey. The result of the strike and rise of the out coming air temperature was the turbine blades breakage and the engine failure during the flight, which led to a forced emergency landing and a preschedule removal of the engine.

повреждение двигателя птицами
"140x30x10 mm dent on the AI-24 engine's air inlet of An-24 aircraft as a result of a strike with a gull during take off run at speed 180-200km/h.

повреждение двигателя птицами
D-30KP engine damage of IL-76 airplane caused by a birdstrike: numerous dents on the entrance edges of blades of the 1st stage of the LP Compressor, numerous dents, tears and breakegaes of the guide apparatus blades of the 2nd and 3rd stages of the LP Compressor, from 7x12 mm to 22x45 mm in size, crash of the entrance body outer ring of the 1st compressor spool 115x45 in size, tears of the inner side of the outer ring of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages of the LP compressor, crash of 3 casing studs of the additional oil filter. Engine removed ahead of schedule.

Left (Right) Half-Wing Damages

повреждение двигателя
Dent with a covering rupture (120 mm) of right half-wing of a An-24 as a result of a strike with drake of a mallard.

пробоина крыла
Rupture hole (125x65) in the covering of the outer section of the left half-wing flap of A-319 airplane after strike with a Red-footed Falcon.

Fuselage Damages

повреждение фюзеляжа
Jak-40 beeing dragged away from the landing strip after a bird strike causing a the break of a fuselage headlight.

повреждение фюзеляжа самолётаповреждение фюзеляжа самолёта
Damage done to the angle-of-attack transmitter of a B-737 airplane by a birdstrike lead to a forced landing because of the stall warning system response.

Landing Gear Damages

Radar Dome Damages

повреждение обтекателя радиолокатора повреждение обтекателя радиолокатора Rupture hole in the aircraft An-24 after strike with a rock pigeon and some other large bird.
повреждение обтекателя радиолокатора
Rupture hole (370x420) in the aircraft B-737 after strike with a goose.

Vertical and Horizontal Empennage Damages

Glass Cockpit Damages

повреждение остекления вертолёта
A Mi-8 helicopter strikes a large bird. The birdstrike resulted in destruction of right full-metal frame of the heated window glass together with right non-heated glass and right hetaed glass with partial penetration into the cabin.


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