Отпугивание птиц. Защита от птиц
Aviation Ornithology Group
Aviational Ornitology Group

For airports and airlines


The Aviation Ornithology Group renders diverse assistance to enterprises and civil aviation organizations in the sphere of bird avoidance, including the following:

Detailed analysis of birdstrikes with aircrafts for the whole region or single airport in question. Reconstruction of consequence of birdstrikes for any airport at a post-Soviet territory for a long-term period.

Preparation of the internal documentation, including chapters for the Instructions on the Aerodrome Flights and Instructions on the Ornithological Provision at the Airport, Ornithological Provision Activities Plan, Additions for the Staff Instructions, Regulations for the Airport (Aerodrome) Bird Control Group and Order of its Work, Regulations for the Organization of Airport Birdstrike Committee, Instructions for the Usage of Birdscaring Means, Staff Instructions on the Gathering of Information upon Collision and other.

Audit and independent inspection of the ornithological provision at the airport. Control of the state of the ornithological provision, including the activities held by the staff in order to make it fit the requirements of national and international documents and preparation of a corresponding Conclusion with recommendations.

Operational investigation of the aerodromes, elaboration of target and complex recommendations for development of the ornithological provision at the airport.

Conduction of the training lessons of ornithological provision at the airport.

Staff training activities to use the bird scaring techniques.

Estimation of the efficiency of the scaring means and correction of schemes of their usage. Grounding for the choice of the equipment and the supply of the equipment.

Conduction of practical bird scaring activities at the airport.

Preparation of the expert Conclusions with recommendations for the object placing in the airport zone accordingly to the hazard caused by birds.

Consultations on a wide range of questions concerning ornithological provision.

Preparation of the thematic outlooks in the bird scaring sphere.

For the outside organizations:

Qualified assistance in working out bird detecting and bird scaring means.

Conduction of trial runs and estimation of the efficiency of the chosen means, preparation of the official Conclusions from the experts.

bioacoustic bird scaring equipment Universal-Acoustic for aerodromes

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